10 Ways to Turn your Summer into an Investment

10 Ways to Turn your Summer into an Investment

Me at every beginning of Summer

Me at every beginning of Summer

I don't know about you but for me, it is so hard to figure out how I am going to spend my summer. Will I just write a summer bucket list with my friends and try to accomplish the most until I go broke? (nay)

Will I just lay down at my parent's house and go back to my eat-sleep-repeat routine? (nay )

You know maybe I need a little vacation ‘cause I’ve been going to school for 9 months now I am super tired
— ME making excuses to binge watch 15 seasons of a show in 2 weeks

Until now, I have felt like I spend summer the wrong way. Now don't get me wrong - I am not saying you should not have a bucket list full of nice activities - BUT what if you could actually make your summer more PRODUCTIVE, what if you could use your summer more effectively. Maybe you could make some MONEY or acquire some SKILLS, long story short - I believe it is better to invest your time during summer so that the upcoming school year will go more smoothly. So here I made a list of things that you could invest in during your summer to acquire more skills, more money or even both. Here we go!

1. Learn new languages ( can be programming languages)

Yes, learn new languages. You can learn one - but learning many is better if you have the time. Learning Spanish, Mandarin, German or Arabic may be great for someone in business for example. Or you can learn just for fun! If you are in Computer Science or Software/Electrical Engineering, a great way to find out what to learn is to look at your dream internship or dream job and see if they are asking for a programming language you don't know. Here is a list of very popular programming languages.

2. Learn how to trade or invest your money


This is one of my favorite on this list. Not only learning this will make you know more about economics but this is also a great way to make passive income. If you spend your summer learning how to invest or investing some money you saved, you will be making passive income during the school year. Passive income means money made without effort and everybody loves that. There are multiple things to invest in but really popular ways are investing in real estate or in cryptocurrency ( like bitcoins and etheureum). For more passive income ideas, check out this article by Forbes.

3. Learn how to start an online shop from scratch


I know exactly what you are telling yourself right now: " To sell what ? ". Well, it does not matter if you have nothing to sell, there is something called drop shipping where you can sell products for an online retailer and at no cost. open a Shopify store or eBay / Amazon.

5. Complete small tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is like a freelancing website. People can post tasks and how much they are willing to pay and freelancers can propose to complete the tasks.

4. Take classes on Udemy/Coursera

Learn as many skills as you can or just master one skill! If you don't want to pay for classes, Udemy has a lot of free classes to offer and on Coursera you can also take classes for free ( but you won't receive a certificate). I also discovered this awesome website where you can just become a full stack developer - crazy right?

6. Get a certificate in a relevant field


You can also get a certificate or a minor. I don't know how it works in other countries, but in Canada, a lot of schools offer small programs that only have 5 classes or 10 classes ( certificate). If you are studying in civil engineering or any construction-related field, you might need to get a certificate in construction management or security to advance in your field. A lot of jobs require CPR training too. Whatever it is that you need or that you want to learn (even if it is just for fun), I think it is a good idea to learn during summer.

7. Declutter

Yes, that is also an investment. If you are trying to become a minimalist or if you have too many stuff, please consider decluttering. Not only you can make money by selling your old electronics, clothes, etc; but your home/room will also feel a lot more relaxing. You can declutter right before school starts or right before moving to college ( it will make moving easier too).

8. Start a Youtube channel or a blog

If you feel like starting a vlog, teaching maths or talking about a specific topic, you should really consider this option. why start it during summer though? Well, a blog or a vlog takes a lot of time and patience and you have a lot of those to offer during summer.


9. Take the easy classes of your program (/ the classes you're not interested in)


Yes, studying is not fun during summer but you can get further by taking summer classes ( I got a semester and a half completed in two summers). If you are interested in taking fewer classes during the year, you should definitely consider taking summer classes unless you don't mind spending one or two more semesters at school.

10. Find an Internship or a Job

This is certainly everyone's summer solution and I am certain that this is the best. An internship will get you to experience in your domain as well as money, it's a win-win. But if you can't find an internship or it is too late to find one, try finding a job where you learn nice skills. You can tutor or look for a data entry job or even a summer camp teacher. I usually take classes during summer and on the side work as a waitress, which I think is also a great job to develop empathy and experience talking with people.