I was surfing the web for better studying techniques and methods. Then I figured out that most of the information is for med students and I thought that it’ll be a great idea to document whatever new information that can help students (engineering or not ) and in not long I found myself looking up “how to start a blog” and here I AM !!

Adam is my first name. I am a third year Electrical Engineering student at Concordia University aspiring to specialize in Power Engineering. I like programming, sustainable solutions and anything that can help the world become a better place. I also like cooking so if you need great fast recipes for a broke student holla at me !

On my blog, expect to find out more about studying techniques, hobbies and ideas for students (especially engineering - electrical engineering) and motivating articles ! I want to help you find some motivation and UP your GPA ( can I get an AMEN?)


A Brief History

Based in Montreal, Canada, Student Struggles is a blog by Adam Diallo. Her posts explore solutions to daily student problems.